Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about our products and service.

How many neckties or ladies scarves do I need to order?

The minimum is 25 ties/50 scarves, although 100 is more economical. There are sizable discounts for larger quantities.

Silk Ties or Polyester?

Polyester is popular because it looks good, handles well and being easily washable; it is ideal for everyday use. Silk ties carry a certain ‘prestige’ and are perfect for special occasions, commemoratives and when only the best will do.

How much do ties and scarves cost?

Whilst this is the most asked question it is the most difficult to answer without some idea of the quality and quantity required, our customer team will give prices by phone, or e-mail. Just call us on 0141 554 0448.

How long will my order take?

From receipt of the order, we aim to submit a bespoke sample in 2-3 weeks. From approval of the sample, bulk delivery is usually 3-5 weeks. We can deliver in a much shorter timeframe if we are working to an agreed deadline. We will always try to meet your deadline.

Do I need to pay for standard delivery?

Yes, standard delivery is next-day and starts from £12.99. If you are local, you can always collect your order.

What are your international delivery rates?

These are dependent on so many variables it is best to call us for a quote on 0141 554 0448.

Can I have more than one motif?

Yes, you can have one motif in the underknot position and a different motif off-set at the base of the tie. On all-over designs it is possible to have alternating rows of different designs.

Do I get help in designing my ideal tie or scarf?

You know your organisation better than we do, so yours is the most critical input. We will work closely with you providing computer-generated scale coloured artwork and any other design help necessary to help finalise your design. You provide the logo, we provide design sheets full of ideas, and after a consultation, produce a piece of artwork free of charge.

How is the logo / motif incorporated onto the tie?

There are two types of motif tie; woven and printed. In a woven tie your design is first converted into a unique ‘jacquard’ card, which then controls the weaving process. Your motif is woven into the cloth from which the ties are made. To see some example have a look at our Club Ties page

‘Foulard’ printed products are produced by dying the design using screens into fabric, which is then made into ties or ladies scarves. 

Will I see a sample tie or scarf?

Yes. Once the design has been resolved and the order placed we will provide a fabric sample for your final approval before proceeding with the rest of the order.

How many designs can I have on a single order?

Our prices are based on total order quantity. You may choose different fastening and weaves all in one order. On occasion, different designs can be considered in the same order.

If I have my own logo what file formats can I send you?

The common ones we use are .png, .jpeg, .ai file formats. If you have another format, just let us know; there’s usually something we can do to make logo’s useable.

Can you help tidy up or help produce a better logo?

Yes, we can help with this. Depending on your requirements, we can usually complete this without charge.

What sizes can I choose for Ties?

For woven and printed ties, we have different sizes – adults, youths and child. We can make whatever size you request on order.

We already have a tie we want to reproduce-can you help with that?

Yes. Send us your tie, and we will manufacture as many as required. Of course, we are also happy to make any variance to your original tie.

Do you charge a set-up fee?

No. Nothing.

What payment options do you offer?

BACS or cheque is fine.

Still need help? Send us a message!

Or for any other questions, please call us at Mcdades on 0141 554 0448